Spinifex Pigeon (geophaps plumifera)


This is one plucky and compact character. They can be found in arid and semi-arid habitats in the Pilbara, western and central Queensland. They are adorably podgy yet very petite at 20cm in length. These loveable pigeons are very popular with artists due to their distinctive plumage and bold markings. They don’t take long to be your friend if you are offering up some spare bird seed. These are my absolute favourites and my heart just bursts when they visit because they are not only cheeky and cute but they are hilarious- everyday a new soap opera unfolds within their family dynamic. Must see when traveling out to Winton.



Size 35cm x 35cm

Archival ink

Cotton rag paper 310gsm

No frame

Spinifex Pigeon 35 x 35