Rufous-crowned Emu Wren (Male)

stipiturus ruficeps


Tiny and I mean TINY. These buff-brown birds have enormously long, fine tails, they are found in arid parts of inland Australia weighing only 4gms. Males have a sky-blue throat and upper breast. Tail is much longer and far more spindly than tail of fairywrens. Thus the name ‘emu’ due to similarities with their distinctive feathers. Known to be shy, we do have two very friendly pairs on our opal lease in Opalton QLD near Winton, they love spinifex and can be mistaken as moths fluttering from bush to bush, they don’t sit long. The cutest little birds you’ll ever see!



Size 11cm x 11cm

Archival ink 

Cotton rag paper 310 gsm (rustic torn edges)

(No frame)

Emu Wren 11cm x 11cm