Yellow Owl-fly

Suhpalacs flavipes


Winton local belong to an ancient order of insects called Neuroptera. That includes lacewings and ant-lions. Owlflies are one of the 'ugly ducklings' in insects. The grotesque larvae are voracious predators in leaf litter and on trees. They sit and wait for prey to stray inbetween their oversize mandibles, seizing them and feeding on the body liquids within. They then turn into these elegant strong-flying adult insects which are sometimes confused with dragonflies. Both adults and larvae are predators. Adults hawk flying insects in much the same way that dragonflies do.



Size 17cm x 16xcm

Archival ink 

Cotton rag paper 310 gsm (rustic torn edges)

(No frame)

Yellow Owl-fly 17cm x 16cm